Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mother Eath - commission piece for Sybarite

Emiliacouture proudly presents: Mother Earth, a OOAK fashion tailored for old Sybarite body.

This OOAK fashion consists of a hand painted sequin gown that can be altered to be worn either long with a cascading silk chiffon shirt or as an edgy short dress; either nesting a leaf gold "egg" at the model's tummy making the wearer pregnant or without it. 

The sequins are layered is sculpted from that resembles a feathery armour and under the hand painted copper exterior of the sequins movement reveals crevasses of deepest black. 

The gown's 2-tone silk hem is cut short from the front to reveal a pair of Alexander McQueen inspired platform sandals. These sandals use my Hokusai heel and are covered all over in leaf gold and decorated with golden straps with butterflies. 

The outfit is crowned by an Isis inspired hand sculpted helmet, which is also covered in leaf gold. 

The model is a Sybarite Raja repaint by me and the wig she wears in some of the photos is from Ilaria (Time of Doll). 

For more photos see my flickr set.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Torn collection by emiliacouture

Torn is a new casual knitwear collection by emiliacouture. The outfits are young edgy street fashions made for Numina Devon but fit other 16-17" fashion dolls as well. These fashions are extremely limited to LE5 wordwide. The outfits consist of a knit top and faux leather stockings and, if pictured, a faux leather belt. 

Moro photos at flickr

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Horned Bride - commission piece for Numina Devon

I was asked to create an edgy bridal gown for Numina Devon, which brought me to my roots as a fashion designer as I use to make bridal gowns to support my studies when I was still in an university in early 2000.

The Horned Bride is named so after the curious horned tiara of the veil, but you may interpret the name as you like, LOL. The outfit consists of a white halterneck gown with asymmetrical hem of cascading pleats, subtle beading and dramatic pleated collar; the previously mentioned horned net veil; lace gloves and a pair of lace shoes without heels that leave the poor bride fairly unstable.

The model is a OOAK Numina Devon (face up by me) in all her bald glory. Paul Pham's sculpting on her is so lovely she looks divine without a wig too.

More photos at flickr

Friday, 28 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to make something special for Halloween and nothing better for it than a surprise creepy crawly addition to my Insectopia collection: a Black Tarantula!

The Black Tarantula is a OOAK NuFace Erin doll flocked and repainted. Her hands have been blushed black almost up to her elbows. She wears a skin colour bodice with heavy black  beading and accentuated shoulders; a high waist shirt sculpted out of black sequins; and a pair of over knee armadillo boots with vintage fur embellishments. Her head is wrapped in tulle netting veil hat.


More photos at flickr

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Let Them Eat Cake - commission piece for Numina Devon

 I have wanted to make a dress with two bird cages for a petticoat for ages and when a customer asked me for a Marie Antoinette inspired fashion I knew I had my chance. I thought it was symbolically fitting as well, as Marie Antoinette was pretty much a bird in a golden cage. What comes to the famous phrase "let them eat cake", the French peasants had been accusing nobility of saying that for a hundred years before poor Marie Antoinette, but then again if does well describe the luxurious life or boredom this historical beauty had until the bitter end.

This dusty blue silk brocade outfit adorned with cream consists of a corset top, bird cage skirt with a period cape, blue lace undies and stockings and cream silk ribbons for neck and waist. I also added a pair of modern bulky pumps with a golden emblems for more period feel. The skirt was mainly hand-stitched and the bird cages are hand made too. The two birds are repainted doll house miniatures.

The model is a OOAK Numina Devon and wears a luxurious hard cap wig by Ilaria (Time of Doll).

More photos at flickr:

Kleptomaniac - commission piece for Numina Devon

My first commission work for Numina Devon is Kleptomaniac, a colour variation of the Kleptomania outfit from my first collection. The outfit consists of a gilded tweed vest lined with orange organza and rust tulle ruffles on the shoulders; a ruffled petticoat of orange organza wrapped in rust tulle; a golden sequin armadillo boots with garters and undies. The wig is restyled Sybarite Powder wig and the model is a OOAK Numina Devon painted by me.

 More photos at:

Monday, 15 August 2011

Yaobikuni - emiliacouture Commission (dressed sybarite repaint)

 Yaobikuni is a Japanese legend of a young woman who gained immortality by consuming the flesh of a mermaid. With sushi restaurants serving endangered species and people in search of an eternal youth I thought this a very suitable theme (although some variations of the legend grant Yaobikuni an eternal life but not protection against ageing - to think of the irony: to grow old forever).

This Sybarite Venus has been given an Asian vibe by repainting her with acrylics and pastels. The face up is sealed with UV coating. She has a mermaid and dragon tattoo over her ribs with the creatures tails curling over her hips. She wears an asymmetrical black hard cap wig with phthalo green streaks. This wig is the first hard cap wig I have made.


The outfit consists of a "seaweed" coat of turquoise Tibetan lambskin tufted short and lined with white silk. The red calligraphy in the lining says "aimili" in hanzi and is my Chinese signature. Underneath the coat is a "water" dress of PVC and hot glue inspired by Gisele Bundchen's Dons Water Dress matched with a pair of sandals inspired by Hokusai's iconic great wave. As extra accessories I made a translucent mini version of a Hermes Birkin bag and painted a pair of toy sunglasses.

More photos at flickr.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Road Warrrior - commission dressed OOAK doll

I was commissioned to make a Mad Max inspired doll and I must say it was a challenge. 80's punk isn't really up my alley, but I think I owned it in the end, even though I think it's more costume than fashion. Gosh it was fun though! :D

Nadja has been repainted with a Hisagi Shuuhei (character in Bleach manga by Kubo Tite) make up, given a mohair mohawk and some flocking, as well as nipples "bandaged" with white "tape".

She wears layers of black leatherette with tons of straps, buckles, metal eyelets and chains of different sizes. The outfit consists of a feather collar bodice, micro shorts, sort of a skirt, half a bolero with a biker zip sleeve and huge triple shoulder pads, garter belt, net stockings, arm lacing, leg brace with numerous straps and a knee pad, muzzle, goggles, a broken brick on a chain, and a pair of bulky boots.

More photos at my flickr set

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Navy wool and steel - emiliacouture modern sofa set

Emiliacouture modern 3-part sofa set made with navy blue wool and sanded steel. 
The removable legs are aluminium. 

The sofas are custom made for FR dolls and modelled here by Elyse.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Buried in Her Maiden White - emiliacouture commission for Deva Doll

This commission was heavily influenced by the burial/wedding gown of Lucy designed by Ishioka Eiko for the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula. The original gown was a Victorial satin corset dress with long rouched hem under a Gustav Klimpt inspired sheer lace overdress. To maintain the same air I made a huge beaded double ruff collar, a beaded lace hat and puff sleeves wrapped tight around forearms with more lace and beading. However, to make this an original design I changes the silhouette into a empire gown made of pleated sheer silk chiffon and adorned the hem with more lace. The pleats are gathered below the bust line with lace and beading and for a modern twist I added a double buckled white leather belt I cut into a lacy shapes. The gown can be worn with or without the belt and changes it's silhouette and waistline accordingly.

My model and muse for this project was the divine Red Tian Shi, a Deva doll I've lusted for a long time. I was very honoured to hold her for the week it took me to create this gown for her and I'm sad to see her return to her home again. She was so inspiring to work with and poses with amazing grace, not to mention her enchanting Chinese facial features. I think this is the only fashion doll I've ever seen that actually looks Chinese.

It was also exiting to work in this project because it was Ishioka Eiko's costume design in the movie Dracula that got me interested in fashion and costume design in the first place. This is my homage to her talent.

 More photos at flickr

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Praying Mantis - The 5th and final doll in the Insectopia Collection

I'm happy to present the 5th and final doll in the Insectopia Collection: the Praying Mantis. An predator that lures you in with her innocent looks.

The doll is a Nu.Face Erin completely repainted with artist acrylics and pastels sealed with UV coating. Her hair has been styled into two beaded buns wrapped in copper netting and her body blushed.

Her outfit consists of a gown of unique hand painted silk embellished with sequins and beads, a violet silk hose, a pair of thorny armadillo shoes painted gradient with metallic grades of green and pink, and she is crowned with a hand sculpted and painted hairpiece in the shape of mantis claws.

More photos at flickr

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Shamisen - emiliacouture commission

I was commissioned to make a lingerie robe to match Sybarite Slipper's fabulous corset.

I went for luxurious sheer silk chiffon, it's long pillowing hem and sleeves trimmed with thick lace weave. The robe is bound with a laced leather belt, with same silver eyelets as the corset, decorated with a removable kimono style obi bow lined with matching pink silk and embellished with hand applied beads.

The robe and Sybarite Slipper's lingerie is modelled by Inque wearing a Ilaria wig.

More photos at the flickr set

Cindertini - emiliacouture commission

This outfit was based on the Christian Dior's classic 50's New Look, but modernised. I wanted to keep the classic feminine silhouette, but to clash it with all the wrong materials and what better than black leather. The vibrant stockings provide a necessary plash of colour to go with the "cocktail shoes" the glass slippers of our era - hence the name. ;)

The "Cindertini" outfit consists of a pillowing leatherette skirt made of 30 segments and a slightly rouched hem; the top is a sleeves corset with a generous cleavage topped with a kimono style black lace corset belt; underneath one finds a set of yellow silk hose topped with orange net stockings tied with red ribbons; the platform shoes in matching orange, yellow and red titter high on heels made of glasses filled with a playful red and clear drink with a yellow cocktail cherry on a stick.

The "Cindertini" is modelled by Sybarite Raja repaint wearing a OOAK hard cap wig by Ilaria (Time of Doll).

 More photos at the flickr set