Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mother Eath - commission piece for Sybarite

Emiliacouture proudly presents: Mother Earth, a OOAK fashion tailored for old Sybarite body.

This OOAK fashion consists of a hand painted sequin gown that can be altered to be worn either long with a cascading silk chiffon shirt or as an edgy short dress; either nesting a leaf gold "egg" at the model's tummy making the wearer pregnant or without it. 

The sequins are layered is sculpted from that resembles a feathery armour and under the hand painted copper exterior of the sequins movement reveals crevasses of deepest black. 

The gown's 2-tone silk hem is cut short from the front to reveal a pair of Alexander McQueen inspired platform sandals. These sandals use my Hokusai heel and are covered all over in leaf gold and decorated with golden straps with butterflies. 

The outfit is crowned by an Isis inspired hand sculpted helmet, which is also covered in leaf gold. 

The model is a Sybarite Raja repaint by me and the wig she wears in some of the photos is from Ilaria (Time of Doll). 

For more photos see my flickr set.


Jaël Stéfania Cayemitte said...

Amazing as always

zedon said...

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Holly said...

The detail and form on this are staggering! Amazing work - I mean literally! :)

Jenn said...

To say that im blown away by your work is an understatement!!! So amazing!!


ida for vida said...
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ida for vida said...

your work is amazing! I always astonished & blown away by your creations, i look forward to what you come up with next!