Thursday, 30 June 2011

Shamisen - emiliacouture commission

I was commissioned to make a lingerie robe to match Sybarite Slipper's fabulous corset.

I went for luxurious sheer silk chiffon, it's long pillowing hem and sleeves trimmed with thick lace weave. The robe is bound with a laced leather belt, with same silver eyelets as the corset, decorated with a removable kimono style obi bow lined with matching pink silk and embellished with hand applied beads.

The robe and Sybarite Slipper's lingerie is modelled by Inque wearing a Ilaria wig.

More photos at the flickr set

Cindertini - emiliacouture commission

This outfit was based on the Christian Dior's classic 50's New Look, but modernised. I wanted to keep the classic feminine silhouette, but to clash it with all the wrong materials and what better than black leather. The vibrant stockings provide a necessary plash of colour to go with the "cocktail shoes" the glass slippers of our era - hence the name. ;)

The "Cindertini" outfit consists of a pillowing leatherette skirt made of 30 segments and a slightly rouched hem; the top is a sleeves corset with a generous cleavage topped with a kimono style black lace corset belt; underneath one finds a set of yellow silk hose topped with orange net stockings tied with red ribbons; the platform shoes in matching orange, yellow and red titter high on heels made of glasses filled with a playful red and clear drink with a yellow cocktail cherry on a stick.

The "Cindertini" is modelled by Sybarite Raja repaint wearing a OOAK hard cap wig by Ilaria (Time of Doll).

 More photos at the flickr set

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wild Rider Adele - emiliacouture commission dressed OOAK doll

FR Adele has been rerooted in 3 tone titian KatSilk mix and repainted with acrylics, pastels and gold glitter make up sealed with UV spray. Her hair has been gathered in a wild updo and held in place with a dark brown silk hairband. She has long applied titian lashes and a French manicure.

The outfit consists of a worn bronze leatherette strapless dress with accentuated hips, a sanded dark brown silk bolero with stitching and buckled straps, and a pair of high heel motorcycle boots in the same dark brown silk.

Wool and steel - emiliacouture modern sofa set

I made new version of my modern lounge set. The same foam core and wooden frame, but instead of suede this set is upholstered with grey Armani wool, aluminium legs  and the backs are covered with sanded steel sheets for an ultra modern look. The set is made in 6th scale for FR dolls. Models are OOAK Lukas and Nadja.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ride Me - emiliacouture commission

I was commissioned to make a Victorian riding habit and couldn't resist to add a kinky avant garde twist.

The "Ride Me" outfit consists of a pleated red silk skirt with a Victorian silhouette and black lace adorning it's hemline; white netting bodice with ruffled collar; black silk coat with golden embroidery; black leatherette corset; accessorised with a pair of black leatherette boots, a riding crop; mini saddle ornament and a mini tophat with embellished with feathers, netting and a tiny scull ornament.

The outfit is tailored on and modelled by FR2 Elyse.