Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Cherub and "Nude" Vertebrata sold out

I am very happy to announce that the Cherub doll LE20 sold out within 12 hours, closely followed by the "Nude" colour variation (LE10) of the Vertebrata gown. The other colour variation has been even more popular, but due to it's larger edition size (LE20) there are still few left in our store. It has been a remarkable sales event and I'd like to thank you all for your patronage and making my dream of my own doll line come through! Every time I release LE items I'm so nervous they won't sell and it'll all be over, but you pulled me through once more and I am so grateful to all of you.

I have also been updating the website and you can now find more information there about Inamorata dolls including a new product archive with a list of every Inamorata creation ever made - both LE and OOAK. The FAQ and commissions info have also been updated, so be sure to check them out although I'm always happy to reply to your emails about anything.

Vertebrata "Dust" LE20

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cherub and Vertebrata Unveiled - Get Yours Tomorrow!

Good news! The loooong awaited doll and fashion are finally out tomorrow! So here is all the important info - read carefully.
The Cherub LE20 doll and Vertebrata LE30 fashion will be available on Monday the 14th of October at 11pm Paris time. I'm adding a countdown timer to our shop again so you can check it in case you get as boggled with the time zones as I do.
The drill is the same as with Inro: the dolls and fashions will be sold through our website on first-come-first-served bases. The checkout options are Paypal and credit card. Please don't forget to add your phone number in the Paypal note as it's needed for the DHL shipping forms. When paying with credit card the checkout will ask for it automatically.
And as a back up plan in case the website were to crash I will take orders by email - but only AFTER 11pm and if the website really crashes, so please don't start sending me emails just yet. If it comes to this please include the following info to your order email: mention it's a order in the topic, include your name, address, phone and email (both contact and paypal email if these are not the same). I will then send you a Paypal invoice that can be paid either by Paypal or by creditcard.
Like the last time I'm placing a restriction of 2 identical products per purchase so we don't lose the whole patch to ebay scalpers as soon as the shop opens. This means you can still buy 2 Cherubs, 2 Vertebrata gowns in Nude colour variation and 2 in Dust colour variation whether it is to save shipping costs by teaming up with a friend or if you just like doubles.
And now for the big bomb: I'm unveiling you the products now!

The LE20 basic doll
The Cherub features the Inamorata Nnaji sculpt in Chocolate skin tone and comes with flocked hair and basic lingerie. She wears a strapless underwire bra in intricate white lace and matching panties. Her shoes are white leatherette between toe sandals featuring the Art Nouveau serpent heels in glossy black. According to her angelic origins Cherub wears a gold leatherette harness with a pair of metal wings.
Cherub has brown eyes with with a gentle expression with subtle amusement. Her make up has a black cat's eye eye-liner, warm brown hues on her top lid and smoky hue eye shadow below the eyes, and coffee coloured lips parted to reveal upper teeth. Her applied lashes are medium length and nail polish is coffee black.
The flock hair is great with traditional wigs as it gives a good grip to hold the wig firmly in place. However, this means she cannot share Inamorata size hard cap wigs. If you want to wash the flock off email me for a safe tutorial. I have also left 2 Cherubs bald so leave a note at check out if you want a bald one. First 2 buyers with the special note get the bald girls.

More photos at the flickr set: 
The LE30 fashion
Two colour variants: Dust LE20 and Nude LE10
The Vertebrata gown comes in 2 different colour variations: Dust (LE20) and Nude (LE10). Dust is a 2-tone cross weave silk of powder pink and black making the fabric an elegant dusty grey with a mauve hue. The Dust silk is coarse dupioni with a raw feel to it and the trail of the gown is a matching colour soft netting. The Nude is a luxurious silk satin in toned down shade of pale powder beige. The trail of the gown is a matching colour soft netting with golden hue. The colour variation share accessories in beige leatherette: three strap pumps with golden edgy spine heels and a clutch with metal corners. The focal points of the Vertebrata gowns are the metal ornaments on the shoulders and a pale gold spine snaking down the naked back.
If you have hard time deciding which colour to go for here are some tips: both "Dust" and "Nude" do perfectly with Nnaji's usual Chocolate skin tone. If you want the gown for Inro I recommend "Dust" as "Nude" does not compliment the Peach skin tone as well.

More photos at flirck set.
The Vertebrata also fits Numina Devon and Ajuma.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Cherub doll and Vertebrata gown are now packed and ready to ship, but I'm still struggling to add a credit card option to our check out. There were so many people who wanted to pay with credits cards when Inro came out that I want to add this option in addition to the Paypal payments before we release the next doll. I hope you enjoy these teasers!
I have also got tons of emails asking about the prices for the upcoming releases and I can now confirm some prices:

First release patch:
The LE20 basic doll, Cherub, will be 475usd
The LE30 fashion, Vertebrata, that is divided into two colour variants: Dust LE20 and Nude LE10, will be 199usd.

Second release patch:
The LE20 premium doll, Seraph will be 699usd
The LE30 fashion, Röntgen is still unconfirmed, as the factory is still having trouble with the trousers and there is an unfortunate possibility that we might have to cancel this item.

Also, emiliacouture now has a page in Facebook. I look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Inamorata Update and Sneak Peeks of Cherub and Vertebrata

I know I've been pretty much MIA for a while, but what I've been doing is waiting for the long delayed LE fashions and designing the next LE project. I am happy to announce that the fashions for Cherub doll and Vertebrata loose fashion set have finally arrived and I'm working on the final quality check now. This means your patience is finally about to be rewarded and these items will be for sale within couple of weeks. I pack each item by myself so it takes a while and I still need to do the proper promo shoot with the new arrivals. However, while you wait for the photoshoot I thought I'd give you a few teasers!

Vertebrata gowns waiting to be packed

One time consuming step is that I try every item on a doll to make sure the fit is right and do something I call "wet sculpting". Wet sculpting is similar to ironing, but it's done on the doll's body to assure a perfect fit and requires no heat. This is how you do it:
1) Dress the garment on the doll and spray it lightly with water
2) Mold the fabric with you fingers into the curves of the doll
3) Let dry on the doll and enjoy!

The results are much better than simply ironing the garment. You can easily do this at home for all your doll fashions to really show off those curves. Just be careful not to wet sculpt dark fashions on light skinned dolls since there might be a risk of staining. It's safer to use a dark skinned girl or a doll dedicated for this process if you are not sure of the fabrics you are dealing with. I always stain test our fabrics before use and stain proof them if I notice any risk of staining.

Cherub bras drying on Inamorata busts after wet sculpting

Cherub bra before and after the wet sculpting. See the difference?

And an added note about Wet Sculpting: Lori posted on Prego that "water will watermark silk taffeta, silk satin, silk charmeuse and habotai as well as the chiffons." Both colour variations of the Vertebrata gowns are 100% silk, one dupioni and the other silk satin, and there were no water marks left on them. I think it might have to do with the "hardness" or chalk consistency of the water. In the areas where you have to use water softening agents in laundry and dish washers the water might stain differently. Maybe if one uses bottles drinking water instead of tap water it might be safer? It's hard to say with so different tap waters around the world. Here in China the tap water is so bad I cannot even use it in my iron as it would ruin the machine so I use bottled water for it and for spraying the fabrics too. In Finland the water is so pure I never had any trouble.

I will let you know as soon as I'll have a sales date. Hope you are as exited as I am after all this waiting!

Also, don't forget to support the Metro Dolls Style Evolution charity auction event next Sunday. I have donated a OOAK Inamorata doll called Grès from my Petrographie collection for the event and Metro Dolls accepts bids by proxy in their auction in case you cannot be there in person.

Grès - OOAK Inamorata Nnaji from Petrographie collection