Monday, 31 December 2012

Unveiling the first Inamorata doll

OOAK Inamorata doll for IDEX 2013. Mirrorball uses the Asian Miao sculpt and is hand painted by me. She wears a completely hand sticthed OOAK emiliacouture sequin gown with a tulle petticoat, undies, stockings and OOAK shoes. She comes with both white flock hair and a OOAK synthetic mohair wig. The doll will be presented as a prize for IDEX 2013 charity raffle so all the IDEX goes can get a change to see her in person and some lucky winner gets to take her home!

Mirrorball is the first ever Inamorata doll release and you can read more about the dolls on the new issue of the Haute Doll and at

Happy New Year!


More photos at flickr.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Inamorata Mirrorball presented for IDEX 2013 Charity Raffle

Inamorata Mirrorball, featured in the photo above, will be presented at the IDEX 2013 charity raffle. So all you who are going to IDEX next year get to see this Inamorata doll in person and also a change to win her in the raffle! Mirrorball uses the Miao sculpt and is hand painted by me and wears a OOAK sequin gown hand made by me.

Here are some other sneak peeks of the future Inamorata releases: Inro, the first LE40 doll will be out in the end of January:

Monday, 19 November 2012

Inamorata Teasers

I have been sending teaser photos through my first-to-know list during the past 3 weeks and thought I'd collect the sneak peeks so far into a one post. So... emiliacouture presents...

emiliacouture and Odonata Green Ltd.
proudly present:
16" fashion BJD created from resin by Emilia.

The first prototype dolls will be unveiled in Haute Doll magazine January issue 2013.
The dolls are made of polyurethane resin, have 21points of articulation and come with 4 pairs of exchangeable hands: fists, hands for holding things, open hands and dressing hands.
 The Inamorata body was inspired by the body of a modern dancer or a swimmer. It's a healthy toned body with long lean muscles that have definition but are still feminine. She has the long legs of a catwalk model, but is still naturally and beautifully proportioned. The body has a lot of carefully sculpted details such as elegant collar bones, ankle bones, wrinkles on her palms and soles of her feet, and general muscle definition. The joints have been designed keeping lingerie in mind so that the skimpiest bra and undies can cover the main torso joints. One exceptional thing Inamorata has to offer is the hip joint. Instead of a ball to connect the hips and thighs there is a mobility joint often used in the larger BJDs, and more importantly the buttocks are sculpted as a part of the legs. This improvement allows the buttocks to move with the legs, the derrière to change change naturally while posing and of course grants a gorgeous silhouette in lingerie.
The Inamorata head sculpts so far are the Asian Miao and African Nnaji. Our designer Emilia has many more head sculpts in the making, so be sure to grab your change and buy the character you love while she is available. The next sculpt in the planning is a fierce and androgynous Latina.
Inamorata dolls are released in limited editions and as OOAKs. The first doll to come out is called Inro and uses the Miao sculpt. Inro will be a LE40 doll dressed in a limited edition emiliacouture haute couture outfit complete with fashion, shoes and a purse. She will also come with a exclusive hard cap wig by PattaArt. The second doll to be released will use the African Nnaji sculpt and will be a lingerie doll with limited edition of 40. In addition to these limited edition dolls there will be few OOAK Miao and Nnaji dolls available for commission orders.
  More will be revealed in the exclusive article of Haute Doll January issue unveiling the first 2 prototype Inamorata dolls!

If you want to keep posted and haven't subscribed to my first-to-know list yet, please do at 


Also check the website for more updates as we all wait for the Haute Doll January 2013 issue to reveal the first prototypes!

Moody Girl - emiliacouture commission

This commission was for a Buried in Oblivion BJD called Skene, who was a completely new acquintance for me. This little pixie has the most curious proportions and posture I've seen reminding me of a 3-year-old with a supernatural growth spurt. No wonder it is impossible for her to find clothing  that fits her elongated body. In the 3 weeks this quirky beauty was visiting me she truly grew on me and I must say I find her moody look utterly charming. It was so hard to send her back to her home in UK. She stole my heart.

Skene got a mix and match wardrobe consisting of McQueen inspired fur jacket with exaggerated shoulders, a golden morning coat, skinny pants, high waist trousers, semi-sheer cotton blouse, gold knit top ad a pair of classic Oxfort shoes. All the pieces are OOAK emiliacouture fashions.

More photos at flickr.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Baby Mae - dressed OOAK doll commission

This commission was for a Poppy Parker make over with 20's style inspired by Madeleine Vionnet. Poppy got a full repaint in rich brown earthen tones, applied lashes and a classic bob hair cut. Her gown is a slinky little number in nude silk diagonally cut for a perfect flow. The gown is hand beaded in 4 colours and has a cascading back in true Madeleine Vionnet elegance. The look is finished with a classic 20's headband and a super long faux fur stole. 

I named her after a character Mae in my favourite poem: The Wild Party by Joseph Moncure March.

"A passionate flirt,
So dumb that it hurt,
And better for night than for day."

See more photos at the flickr set:

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Couture Alien - emiliacouture commission for Sybarite

I wanted to play with different textures and materials with the monochromatic black outfit.

The OOAK fashion consists of rouched leatherette shorts, thigh high snake leatherette boots with lacing, a tailored double collar wool coat with tulle ruffle detailing, and a Philip Treacy meets HR Giger's alien hardened netting hat.

The outfit is modelled by and tailored to Sybarite Inque. The hard cap wig by Ilaria aka Time of Doll.

More photos at flickr.

I also have some very exiting news: my own 16" fashion BJD line will be unveiled in the Haute Doll magazines October issue!

Friday, 8 June 2012

White Walker Elise - emiliacouture commission

This commission was inspired by an odd medley that I'd describe as Lady Gaga makes a guest appearance as an anime gunslinger in the TV series Game of Thrones. LOL

The OOAK outfit consists of a double breasted suede coat with old brass buttons,  over knee boots of white leatherette with matching buttons, leggings and a faux fur shoulder wrap.

FR2 Elise has been fully repainted with ice blue eyes with fierce smoky shadow, nude pale lips and white eyebrows. She also got a body blushing to better match her head and body skin tone together. Her hair was boild permend and cut to a swept cascade of curls.

More photos on flickr.

And for those who have been wondering why I've gone practically underground: it's because I've been working non stop in creating my own 16" resin BJD. The prototype is now ready and I'm hoping the factory can live up to my high exprectations. If everything goes well the first LE40 emiliacouture doll might be out this year! I will give you sneakpeeks soon! :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Highlander - emiliacouture commission for Numina Devon

Highlander, a OOAK fashion tailored for Numina Devon, combines tartan and crocheted lace into a modern Alexander McQueen inspired kilt cocktail dress. The outfit is accessorised by grey wool leggings and a vintage fur sporran (Scottish purse worn with a kilt).

*The Ninjetee hard cap wig is by Michael in Hawaii and the shoes are from Sybarite Toxica.
More photos at flickr.

Friday, 30 March 2012

The Guillotines - Pair of Dressed OOAK dolls

This commission order was to make two interpretations of Marie Antoinette theme using FR Agnes dolls.

The Brunette has edgy make up of purple smoky eyes and nude lips with a heart shaped beauty mark upon her right cheek. Her hair is a wild mountain of curls with one sensual corkscrew caressing her neck. She wears a modern interpretation of the Marie Antoinette silhouette gown in checked silk dupion and a black tulle veil.

The Blond has a soft make up with rosy lips and light lashes, and carries a heart shaped beauty mark upon her blushed cheek. Her hair is a pompadour and she wears a classic Robe a la Françoise in silk brocade and chiffon.

For more photos see the flickr set

Monday, 12 March 2012

Quetzalcoatl - emiliacouture commission

Emiliacouture presents: Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent. This dressed Sybarite repaint was named after a Mesoamerican deity and commission inspiration was to create a "couture dinosaur".

The doll is Sybarite Ivory and she has received a full repaint with pulpy green lips, baby blue eyes with eye shadow in warm shades of brown and applied double lashes with gradient dye from black to titian.  

She wears an OOAK emiliacouture creation in dark shades of green, blue, gold and salmon. The snake skin leatherette outfit consists of a Mugler inspired armour dress with a removable feathered trail, a huge ruffle of iridescent feathers, bondage cuffs and a pair of shoes with a new snake motif design.

 For more photos see flickr.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bride of Frankenstein - dressed OOAK doll

It's the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this weekend and I'm sure I'm not alone wishing I could be there. I made a dressed OOAK doll for the PFDF charity auction, but as promised I have made another doll to console those who can't be there in person. So, without further ado, emiliacouture presents the Bride of Frankenstein! It's alive!!!

This doll's inspiration was a cross between early silent films and Marvel superheros. The gown is an ethereal and sensual nightgown with daring lace garters showing from thigh high slits in the heavy flowing skirt of white and grey. The grey shoes share the art nouveau inspired heel sculpt with the LA Belle Epoque doll I made for PFDF. The doll is repainted Brides of Dracula Lucy, hair restyled in a partial updo, greying body blushing with darkened veins and a autopsy scar echoing the one on Shame from my 2010 Until Death Do Us Part collection.

*Note: In some photos the shoes are white, but those were there only so that I could do the main photoshoot while the grey shoes especially made for the outfit were still in the making.

For more photos see flickr.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

La Belle Epoque - PFDF 2012


 I created this OOAK lingerie doll for the La Belle Epoque theme of Paris Fashion Doll Festival (PFDF) 2012. I was inspired by the decorative style of the time, Art Nouveau and by the it's father Alphonse Mucha.

The doll is a customised Integrity Toys Lana from the Hollywood Royalty line. The doll has been rerooted with a fiery 3-tone Saran mix and given a complete repaint. I added super long lashes and gave them a gradient dye from black roots to titian tips. She also got a new Nu.Face body with blushing and Art Nouveau inspired snake tattoos.

The fashion consists of a burgundy tulle blouse embellished with silk ribbons; a corset made of orange vintage lace with Art Nouveau patterns, lined with yellow silk, adorned with ribbons and 8 garters with golden buckles; yellow silk panties; a pair of teal green net stockings; burgundy gradient effect shoes with hand carved Art Nouveau inspired heels; and as a cherry on the top a huge La Belle Epoque style hat of burgundy silk and tulle, adorned with teal green net strips and feathers.

The doll will be sold on a silent charity auction of PFDF  2012- The auction takes place at the  Mezzanine of the hotel NOVOTEL on Saturday, March 10th at 11.00am. The proceeds of the auction will be donated to the charity REVES (French version of Grant a Wish).

P.S. For those of you who cannot be there at PFDF to see this doll in person I  have another doll that I will reveal during the festival weekend. Keep posted! :)


For more photo see the flickr set.