Monday, 19 November 2012

Inamorata Teasers

I have been sending teaser photos through my first-to-know list during the past 3 weeks and thought I'd collect the sneak peeks so far into a one post. So... emiliacouture presents...

emiliacouture and Odonata Green Ltd.
proudly present:
16" fashion BJD created from resin by Emilia.

The first prototype dolls will be unveiled in Haute Doll magazine January issue 2013.
The dolls are made of polyurethane resin, have 21points of articulation and come with 4 pairs of exchangeable hands: fists, hands for holding things, open hands and dressing hands.
 The Inamorata body was inspired by the body of a modern dancer or a swimmer. It's a healthy toned body with long lean muscles that have definition but are still feminine. She has the long legs of a catwalk model, but is still naturally and beautifully proportioned. The body has a lot of carefully sculpted details such as elegant collar bones, ankle bones, wrinkles on her palms and soles of her feet, and general muscle definition. The joints have been designed keeping lingerie in mind so that the skimpiest bra and undies can cover the main torso joints. One exceptional thing Inamorata has to offer is the hip joint. Instead of a ball to connect the hips and thighs there is a mobility joint often used in the larger BJDs, and more importantly the buttocks are sculpted as a part of the legs. This improvement allows the buttocks to move with the legs, the derrière to change change naturally while posing and of course grants a gorgeous silhouette in lingerie.
The Inamorata head sculpts so far are the Asian Miao and African Nnaji. Our designer Emilia has many more head sculpts in the making, so be sure to grab your change and buy the character you love while she is available. The next sculpt in the planning is a fierce and androgynous Latina.
Inamorata dolls are released in limited editions and as OOAKs. The first doll to come out is called Inro and uses the Miao sculpt. Inro will be a LE40 doll dressed in a limited edition emiliacouture haute couture outfit complete with fashion, shoes and a purse. She will also come with a exclusive hard cap wig by PattaArt. The second doll to be released will use the African Nnaji sculpt and will be a lingerie doll with limited edition of 40. In addition to these limited edition dolls there will be few OOAK Miao and Nnaji dolls available for commission orders.
  More will be revealed in the exclusive article of Haute Doll January issue unveiling the first 2 prototype Inamorata dolls!

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Also check the website for more updates as we all wait for the Haute Doll January 2013 issue to reveal the first prototypes!

Moody Girl - emiliacouture commission

This commission was for a Buried in Oblivion BJD called Skene, who was a completely new acquintance for me. This little pixie has the most curious proportions and posture I've seen reminding me of a 3-year-old with a supernatural growth spurt. No wonder it is impossible for her to find clothing  that fits her elongated body. In the 3 weeks this quirky beauty was visiting me she truly grew on me and I must say I find her moody look utterly charming. It was so hard to send her back to her home in UK. She stole my heart.

Skene got a mix and match wardrobe consisting of McQueen inspired fur jacket with exaggerated shoulders, a golden morning coat, skinny pants, high waist trousers, semi-sheer cotton blouse, gold knit top ad a pair of classic Oxfort shoes. All the pieces are OOAK emiliacouture fashions.

More photos at flickr.