Friday, 28 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to make something special for Halloween and nothing better for it than a surprise creepy crawly addition to my Insectopia collection: a Black Tarantula!

The Black Tarantula is a OOAK NuFace Erin doll flocked and repainted. Her hands have been blushed black almost up to her elbows. She wears a skin colour bodice with heavy black  beading and accentuated shoulders; a high waist shirt sculpted out of black sequins; and a pair of over knee armadillo boots with vintage fur embellishments. Her head is wrapped in tulle netting veil hat.


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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Let Them Eat Cake - commission piece for Numina Devon

 I have wanted to make a dress with two bird cages for a petticoat for ages and when a customer asked me for a Marie Antoinette inspired fashion I knew I had my chance. I thought it was symbolically fitting as well, as Marie Antoinette was pretty much a bird in a golden cage. What comes to the famous phrase "let them eat cake", the French peasants had been accusing nobility of saying that for a hundred years before poor Marie Antoinette, but then again if does well describe the luxurious life or boredom this historical beauty had until the bitter end.

This dusty blue silk brocade outfit adorned with cream consists of a corset top, bird cage skirt with a period cape, blue lace undies and stockings and cream silk ribbons for neck and waist. I also added a pair of modern bulky pumps with a golden emblems for more period feel. The skirt was mainly hand-stitched and the bird cages are hand made too. The two birds are repainted doll house miniatures.

The model is a OOAK Numina Devon and wears a luxurious hard cap wig by Ilaria (Time of Doll).

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Kleptomaniac - commission piece for Numina Devon

My first commission work for Numina Devon is Kleptomaniac, a colour variation of the Kleptomania outfit from my first collection. The outfit consists of a gilded tweed vest lined with orange organza and rust tulle ruffles on the shoulders; a ruffled petticoat of orange organza wrapped in rust tulle; a golden sequin armadillo boots with garters and undies. The wig is restyled Sybarite Powder wig and the model is a OOAK Numina Devon painted by me.

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