Monday, 15 August 2011

Yaobikuni - emiliacouture Commission (dressed sybarite repaint)

 Yaobikuni is a Japanese legend of a young woman who gained immortality by consuming the flesh of a mermaid. With sushi restaurants serving endangered species and people in search of an eternal youth I thought this a very suitable theme (although some variations of the legend grant Yaobikuni an eternal life but not protection against ageing - to think of the irony: to grow old forever).

This Sybarite Venus has been given an Asian vibe by repainting her with acrylics and pastels. The face up is sealed with UV coating. She has a mermaid and dragon tattoo over her ribs with the creatures tails curling over her hips. She wears an asymmetrical black hard cap wig with phthalo green streaks. This wig is the first hard cap wig I have made.


The outfit consists of a "seaweed" coat of turquoise Tibetan lambskin tufted short and lined with white silk. The red calligraphy in the lining says "aimili" in hanzi and is my Chinese signature. Underneath the coat is a "water" dress of PVC and hot glue inspired by Gisele Bundchen's Dons Water Dress matched with a pair of sandals inspired by Hokusai's iconic great wave. As extra accessories I made a translucent mini version of a Hermes Birkin bag and painted a pair of toy sunglasses.

More photos at flickr.


Dani said...

Breathtaking! You are so creative. She's gorgeous.

em`lia said...

Thank you Dani!