Sunday, 13 November 2011

Torn collection by emiliacouture

Torn is a new casual knitwear collection by emiliacouture. The outfits are young edgy street fashions made for Numina Devon but fit other 16-17" fashion dolls as well. These fashions are extremely limited to LE5 wordwide. The outfits consist of a knit top and faux leather stockings and, if pictured, a faux leather belt. 

Moro photos at flickr


aquabluerose said...

Emilia, I am speechless...

Your Work is SO Amazing!!!!!!!!!

gerri XXX

Cocco said...

I love your creations, espesialy your dioramas. I am working on a sixth scale diorama myself and I am very curious about the rug in the nerds room. Is it real animalskin? Can you disclose where you got it?