Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Sofa Set

 It´s been a while again, butt his is what I´ve been working on - a FR size (a tad bigger than 6th scale) sofa set with three parts. The idea is that you could either have one of these as a lounge or put them together as you like to form different sorts of sofas. The sofa set pictures here is only the prototype and the brass legs are still missing, but I think you can get the idea. I will post better pictures of the finished product as soon as I get it done.
There are still some details I´m working on as well, such as better cut for the pillow covers that can be removed and replaced with a set of another colour for variety. 
Originally, I did shoot these photos in full colour, but somehow my Eugenia gave me such a strong Femme Fatale wibe in this set that I had to do it all in black and white. I´m a huge fan of film noir and I think it shows. Here is the film noir diorama set in full. It you look carefully to the shadow behind the sofa, you may spot a tiny mouse the cats lurking towards. I´m a sucker for details and can never get enough of them in my dioramas. The lady is propably waiting for some company as there are two champagne glasses on the Chinese cabinet. I just love this tiny cabinet I found from PanJiaYuan in Beijing. I work part time in a Chinese antiques dealership and old finely carved furniture always has a special place in my heart.
 I´ll get back to you with the final product soon 
and then it will be available for custom order in the colour of your choice!