Friday, 12 April 2013

Nnaji Update: Seraph and Cherub

*Haute Doll Nnaji prototype, the production dolls 
will use this sculpt but have different make up.

Long time no updates so I thought I'd pop you a note about what I'm working with. As you know the next limited edition Inamorata doll will be the African Nnaji sculpt. This doll was originally suppose to be a limited edition 40 lingerie doll, but when I designed the lingerie I went a little overboard (as I usually tend to do) and the doll came out nothing but basic. I know many are hoping for a more affordable basic doll so I decided to cut the edition in two making LE20 basic lingerie doll and another LE20 premium lingerie doll. The dolls will have the same skin tone , but different make up, hair and fashion.

The first one is called Cherub and she will come with basic lingerie set and sandals. Since everyone is not into hard cap wigs (that constitute a large part of the dolls price) the Cherub will come with flock hair that makes old school wigs stay on better. I love dolls with short hair and think women look fabulous shaved bald.

The second Nnaji doll called Seraph will be the one true to my vision with a more complicated 5 part lingerie set and thigh high boots. She will come with a cool short cut PattaArt hard cap wig with multicolour highlights. Both dolls will have applied upper lashes. Seraph will be in the same price league with Inro (699usd) and we will try to keep Cherub as affordable as possible.

Since these are lingerie dolls and I'm sure there are many Inro dolls out there waiting for new fashions, I'm also working on the first loose Inamorata fashions. The first one will be a long gown called Vertebrata and I also have plans for a more casual jeans and T-shirt look. Both outfits will come with shoes and it's too early to reveal the edition sizes or price level yet.

The release date is not determined yet, but I my best estimate right now is late June or early July. We try to release all the dolls and fashions at the same time so you can save in combined shipping costs.