Friday, 11 November 2011

The Horned Bride - commission piece for Numina Devon

I was asked to create an edgy bridal gown for Numina Devon, which brought me to my roots as a fashion designer as I use to make bridal gowns to support my studies when I was still in an university in early 2000.

The Horned Bride is named so after the curious horned tiara of the veil, but you may interpret the name as you like, LOL. The outfit consists of a white halterneck gown with asymmetrical hem of cascading pleats, subtle beading and dramatic pleated collar; the previously mentioned horned net veil; lace gloves and a pair of lace shoes without heels that leave the poor bride fairly unstable.

The model is a OOAK Numina Devon (face up by me) in all her bald glory. Paul Pham's sculpting on her is so lovely she looks divine without a wig too.

More photos at flickr