Monday, 19 November 2012

Moody Girl - emiliacouture commission

This commission was for a Buried in Oblivion BJD called Skene, who was a completely new acquintance for me. This little pixie has the most curious proportions and posture I've seen reminding me of a 3-year-old with a supernatural growth spurt. No wonder it is impossible for her to find clothing  that fits her elongated body. In the 3 weeks this quirky beauty was visiting me she truly grew on me and I must say I find her moody look utterly charming. It was so hard to send her back to her home in UK. She stole my heart.

Skene got a mix and match wardrobe consisting of McQueen inspired fur jacket with exaggerated shoulders, a golden morning coat, skinny pants, high waist trousers, semi-sheer cotton blouse, gold knit top ad a pair of classic Oxfort shoes. All the pieces are OOAK emiliacouture fashions.

More photos at flickr.

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