Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bride of Frankenstein - dressed OOAK doll

It's the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this weekend and I'm sure I'm not alone wishing I could be there. I made a dressed OOAK doll for the PFDF charity auction, but as promised I have made another doll to console those who can't be there in person. So, without further ado, emiliacouture presents the Bride of Frankenstein! It's alive!!!

This doll's inspiration was a cross between early silent films and Marvel superheros. The gown is an ethereal and sensual nightgown with daring lace garters showing from thigh high slits in the heavy flowing skirt of white and grey. The grey shoes share the art nouveau inspired heel sculpt with the LA Belle Epoque doll I made for PFDF. The doll is repainted Brides of Dracula Lucy, hair restyled in a partial updo, greying body blushing with darkened veins and a autopsy scar echoing the one on Shame from my 2010 Until Death Do Us Part collection.

*Note: In some photos the shoes are white, but those were there only so that I could do the main photoshoot while the grey shoes especially made for the outfit were still in the making.

For more photos see flickr.