Friday, 30 March 2012

The Guillotines - Pair of Dressed OOAK dolls

This commission order was to make two interpretations of Marie Antoinette theme using FR Agnes dolls.

The Brunette has edgy make up of purple smoky eyes and nude lips with a heart shaped beauty mark upon her right cheek. Her hair is a wild mountain of curls with one sensual corkscrew caressing her neck. She wears a modern interpretation of the Marie Antoinette silhouette gown in checked silk dupion and a black tulle veil.

The Blond has a soft make up with rosy lips and light lashes, and carries a heart shaped beauty mark upon her blushed cheek. Her hair is a pompadour and she wears a classic Robe a la Fran├žoise in silk brocade and chiffon.

For more photos see the flickr set


Vita Plastica said...

I love getting your emails regarding your latest commissions. No matter how bored with doll land I'm feeling, I know I will be blown away! You do not disappoint! Masterful!!

ravenwcatz said...

I have to tell you, I look forward to your blog posts. I am continually inspired and absolutely floored by your talent.

Thank you!

The Duke of Swann said...

Emilia, You are in a totally different league!!!!! My goodness your clothes and dolls are absolutely incredible. I am totally amazed. I'm from South Africa and a jeweller. I make jewellery in 1/6th scale and have found a big gap in the market for that in particular but your stuff is beyond words.

universoplástico said...

Speechless Such a great designs.