Friday, 8 June 2012

White Walker Elise - emiliacouture commission

This commission was inspired by an odd medley that I'd describe as Lady Gaga makes a guest appearance as an anime gunslinger in the TV series Game of Thrones. LOL

The OOAK outfit consists of a double breasted suede coat with old brass buttons,  over knee boots of white leatherette with matching buttons, leggings and a faux fur shoulder wrap.

FR2 Elise has been fully repainted with ice blue eyes with fierce smoky shadow, nude pale lips and white eyebrows. She also got a body blushing to better match her head and body skin tone together. Her hair was boild permend and cut to a swept cascade of curls.

More photos on flickr.

And for those who have been wondering why I've gone practically underground: it's because I've been working non stop in creating my own 16" resin BJD. The prototype is now ready and I'm hoping the factory can live up to my high exprectations. If everything goes well the first LE40 emiliacouture doll might be out this year! I will give you sneakpeeks soon! :)


Vita Plastica said...

She's gorgeous. Can't wait to see your sneak peeks!

Kirsten Elisabeth said...

SOOOOO many fantastic dolls you make. I am so exited to see what you do. I am from Norway, and I cant find anything here, have to buy everything from the net. Do you know any good webshops where to buy nice fabrics and small stuff to make furnitures for the dolls and stuff? Mostly barbie-size (cant afford tonner dolls:( )
And am I allowed to ask how you made the wall on your staircase of montmartre? papermache? How do you make it?

deborah/lola said...

i'm so happy for you em'lia!!!

em`lia said...

Thanks guys!

The "stone wall" was carved out of styrofoam and painted. I also stuck some real roots etc. for more realistic effect.