Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Insectopia - Spring 2011 Haute Couture Collection by emiliacouture

Emiliacouture Presents: 
Damselfly - the first doll in the Insectopia collection!

Insectopia is the emiliacouture Spring 2011 haute couture collection with the fantasy theme of insect inspired avant garde creations. The collection will feature 5 OOAK dressed 12" fashion dolls: the Damsefly, the Orchard Spider, the Praying Mantis, the Atlas Moth and the Golden Scarab. All the creations will use labour intensive haute couture techiques such as sculpted hand stiched cuts, rich embroidery and hand painted fabrics.

The first doll in the collection is Integrity Toys Giselle as the Damselfly. She has been repainted with professional acrylics and pastels and UV sealed, her long hair has been restyled into two buns to represent the bulging eyes of a damselfly and adorned with metallic teal netting and sequins. She wears a OOAK atelier creation in teal taffeta consisting of a breast revealing corset, a high collar mask, a rouched mermaid skirt with a long trail, long sleeved shirt of metallic netting and a pair of silken armadillo boots. The fashion has been heavily embroidered and hand painted. The 4 different tones of miniature sequins create a gradient effect and the clint of insectile chitin armour. The Damselfly has already been sold to a private collection. 

For more photos of Damselfly click here.

Here are sneak peeks of dolls yet to come:

  Orchard Spider
Praying Mantis

Atlas Moth

Golden Scarab 

Keep posted for the next doll in the series: the Orchard Spider Vanessa!

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