Monday, 7 February 2011

Orchard Spider - the 2nd doll in the Insectopia collection

I'm proud to present the second doll in the emiliacouture Spring 2011 haute couture collection: the Orchard Spider. This new OOAK Insectopia doll is a Fashion Royalty Vanessa rerooted with 3-tone fiery natural reds; repainted with artist acrylics and pastels; and UV sealed. She has a blushed Nu.Face body with freckled decolté and nipples covered with metallic green. Her nails are black and the colour has creeped up her fingers to enhance her alien charms. Her hair is gathered to an high updo adorned with black sequins.

She wears a OOAK ball gown of hand painted leatherette, daffodil yellow tulle petticoat and lime green silk chiffon hem. The hem is embellished with eight elongated black sequin spider legs and her hand painted armadillo boots repeat the same pattern. The green hem of the ballgown can be slipped away to reveal an avant garde cocktail dress.

For more photos of the Orchard Spider and the Insectopia collection click here.

The Orchard Spider has already been sold to a private collection. I will now take a few days break before staring work on the third doll, the Praying Mantis. She will be the most challenging work yet to come as her gown will need hand painted silk and that is a technique I haven't used for a decade! I will keep you posted with the process.

I'm also been encouraged to put my work to ebay, but I'm very nervous about selling there after all the horrible stories I've heard on doll boards. The first two dolls in the Insectopia collection were bought "blind" by my most devoted patrons even before the dolls were made so auction wasn't an option, but maybe, just maybe, I'll consider putting one of the three dolls to follow on ebay. Selling by email has been very convenient so far, but it always breaks my heart to tell those who come too late that the doll they love has already been sold. I wish I had enough of dolls for all interested, but these dolls aren't really suited for factory production. Speaking of factory production, my business partner has now found a factory for emiliacouture and they are making the first sample for us as we speak. Hopefully the first, very limited, test edition will come out this Spring! It's a casual piece of ready-to-wear that you may already have climpsed on my flickr last Autumn ;)