Friday, 17 December 2010

Emiliacouture Handspeak gloves for Fashion Royalty

On this Tuesday I realised how many extra hands and how few Handspeak system dolls I had. There was no way I needed as many pairs of hands, but then I remembered a BJD artist who turned boring sculpted high heel parts into fabulous shoes. Why now make gloves out of all those extra pairs of hands! So, here is HfG Agnes modelling her 4 new pairs of chic gloves custom made to match her favourite shoes and bags. 

I started by giving all the hands a quick acetone swipe to remove all grease and dirt left from touching them. This also makes the vinyl more receptive for the paint. Then I painted the hands with several layers of artist acrylics especially making the fingernails area thick with paint so that the talons won't seem through. The next step was to add detailing: seams and "hand-stitching" essential for luxurious leather gloves. Then some more detailing with glued on ribbons and tiny metal buckles, and a final finishing touch by spraying the whole thing with couple of layers of UV coating for a nice matte effect.

After several enquiries to sell these I have decided to I accept commissions, but I do recommend to try this at home. It's simple, easy and fun and you can let you inner fashion designer go free! Happy Christmas everyone!

Here is Agnes posing with her new gloves 
tailor made to suit her favourite shoes and bags!
See more photos at the flickr set.


Vanessa said...

Those are amazing! Very creative.

Gabi-5mates said...

Happy New Year 2011!
May all your wishes come true!!
Best wishes from Poland Gabi-5mates

silkstone1 said...

beautiful i have dominique and she is a real diva these are a must have for her . im bookmarking you