Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Latest Gossip - Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen's death struck a huge blow to the world of fashion. He was an icon and my favourite designer. After his death  I lost my interest in fashion design for quite some time - though fatigue from CDDC might have played it's part too. I noticed now that instead of my usual routine of viewing all the runway shows on internet I hadn't seen a single one. Nothing just felt worthwhile as who else could design like that?

But now it is time to get back on the saddle. To honour my fashion icon I have designed a 5 piece collection for Sybarites to commemorate Alexander McQueen. I do not attempt to copy any of his designs exactly (well, maybe those armadillo shoes), but instead attempt to make something that could had been a part of his collections. It is a huge challenge and the final works shall be featured in an exclusive article on Doll Reader magazine. I'll keep you posted with the work, but you'll have to wait for pictures until the magazine is out. ;)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Welcome to Rue du Savonner!

A new site for my photostories is now up and 
I'll post the new episodes one by one as I convert the old ones to Comiclife 
and make new ones. 
Hope you'll find them entertaining!

Here is the cover of the first episode for you:

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Test with Comiclife Software

This is my first attempt at using the software Comiclife. I used my oldest photostory - Delicatessen - to get some practice. It's not much of a story anyway, just diorama shots with no real plot line, but it's short and simple, thus easy practice. The software is really easy to use and I think I'm hooked. I'm actually consider converting all my stories to this format.

Sorry if the texts are too small to read.
The blog format seems to crop the bigger pics by itself from the side.
Click the pics to see the larger format.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Open for commission

My schedule is open for commissions. Please contact me with email (emiliacouture (at) to get an appointment from my list.

The commission works I do:
- Fashions, shoes, bags, jewellery
- Furniture, 6th and 4th scale
- Repaint or enhancement
- Reroot, haircut and stylish
- Skin tone swap as seen my the previous post. Requires two dolls for better results as colour may be worn from the body in time (testing in progress), so send me pale and dark doll and I'll swap the skin tones the other way around! Full facial repaint recommended.
- I could do a doll house too but the shipping will cost fortunes. ;)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tanned Lukas

I was hoping that there would be a tanned Lukas for me in the new FR collection, but the boy was as pale as ever. Simple solution: had to make one myself!

I removed the flock hair and swapped the Lukas head into a Pierre body. Then grained pastels with a coarse sand paper to make a mixture matching the Pierre skin tone and powdered the head with it. Couple of layers for smooth and even results and seal spray. Then the face was ready to be repainted again. Simple thing really. Now making my poor Pierre head paler is going to be a challenge! ;)

Since I had to sacrifice my white haired Lukas to do this I gave him white hair again and tried to repaint his face to resemble the original screening. Now he's back, but with a nice tan. I have nothing against pale dolls, but I love variation and it was time for Lukas to get some colour!

Do try this at home! ;)

One additional photo of my Lukas with a wig: