Sunday, 7 March 2010

Tanned Lukas

I was hoping that there would be a tanned Lukas for me in the new FR collection, but the boy was as pale as ever. Simple solution: had to make one myself!

I removed the flock hair and swapped the Lukas head into a Pierre body. Then grained pastels with a coarse sand paper to make a mixture matching the Pierre skin tone and powdered the head with it. Couple of layers for smooth and even results and seal spray. Then the face was ready to be repainted again. Simple thing really. Now making my poor Pierre head paler is going to be a challenge! ;)

Since I had to sacrifice my white haired Lukas to do this I gave him white hair again and tried to repaint his face to resemble the original screening. Now he's back, but with a nice tan. I have nothing against pale dolls, but I love variation and it was time for Lukas to get some colour!

Do try this at home! ;)

One additional photo of my Lukas with a wig:


smidge girl said...

Incredible! I would never have though it could be that easy! You did an amazing job recreating his face!

em`lia said...

Thanks! It really was rather simple. Also, the factory screening does show through the pastels just a bit so it's really easy to recreate too. :)

D7ana said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that technique. Lukas looks great either way, but I can understand your desire for variety.

Frau E. said...

Wow, what a good looking guy! Great job Emilia!