Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Latest Gossip - Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen's death struck a huge blow to the world of fashion. He was an icon and my favourite designer. After his death  I lost my interest in fashion design for quite some time - though fatigue from CDDC might have played it's part too. I noticed now that instead of my usual routine of viewing all the runway shows on internet I hadn't seen a single one. Nothing just felt worthwhile as who else could design like that?

But now it is time to get back on the saddle. To honour my fashion icon I have designed a 5 piece collection for Sybarites to commemorate Alexander McQueen. I do not attempt to copy any of his designs exactly (well, maybe those armadillo shoes), but instead attempt to make something that could had been a part of his collections. It is a huge challenge and the final works shall be featured in an exclusive article on Doll Reader magazine. I'll keep you posted with the work, but you'll have to wait for pictures until the magazine is out. ;)


smidge girl said...

I understand how you feel. Such a loss in a community you're a part of can be a huge shock-- it's not just sadness, but sort of an apathy, like what could possibly be of interest now, anyway. It's just like losing a favorite author or director, or whatever your passion is. Other people will continue to do it, and some will do it really well. But no one will ever do it the same way. There will certainly never be another Alexander McQueen. There's nothing wrong with stepping back for a bit. Your tribute sounds so exciting. Hopefully, it will lift your spirits and offer a little closure. I'm sure you'll find your inspiration again. You're hugely talented, and I miss seeing your creations. Looking forward to the article!

em`lia said...

Thank you. :)

I really hope so too...

Janina said...

Wow, I cannot wait to see that!!

By the way, I lost track... is the FDQ with your article on the DCDC out already???

em`lia said...


I just finished my thesis and started working on the Mcqueen collection.

And the CDDC article is out right now! :D