Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Test with Comiclife Software

This is my first attempt at using the software Comiclife. I used my oldest photostory - Delicatessen - to get some practice. It's not much of a story anyway, just diorama shots with no real plot line, but it's short and simple, thus easy practice. The software is really easy to use and I think I'm hooked. I'm actually consider converting all my stories to this format.

Sorry if the texts are too small to read.
The blog format seems to crop the bigger pics by itself from the side.
Click the pics to see the larger format.


tinyseams said...

Pretty cool! That program looks like it would be a blast to use! You are such a excellent photographer and story teller. Your candy shop set blows my mind--there is so much detail! You should be working in theater Emilia!

em`lia said...

Thanks, Linda! :)

And Comiclife really is pretty easy and not too expensive either.

Ms. Leo said...

I am not familiar with the software. Does it help with pictures, the layout or just with to comments from the characters.