Thursday, 7 October 2010

"Tribute to Alexander McQueen" collection revealed!

The emiliacouture autumn 2010 collection for Sybarites is dedicated to the memory of my favourite fashion designer the late Alexander McQueen, who’s brave, provocative and avant garde fashions always inspired me. The collection setting is an editorial version of a Victorian asylum and all the pieces have been named after mental disorders: Narcolepsy, Autophagia, Kleptomania, Oneirophrenia and Delirium.

A multicoloured striped chiffon halterneck dress with the skirt part inspired by the shape of oleander hawk moth, a wool corset jacket with asymmetrical half sleeves, lilac net hose, leather ankle strap platform shoes and hat with a silver airplane ornament, bubblegum of pink mohair wig on a chignon.
Model: Sybarite Slipper

A brown wool and gold leaf jacket with asymmetrical sleeves, Alexander McQueen inspired white leather dress with a brown boa scale patterns and matching pair of McQueen armadillo shoes and a wild blond mohair wig.
Model: Sybarite Inque repaint

A black and white silk chiffon skirt with a distorted checker pattern, silk blouse with golden buttons and a large rosette of black organza ribbon decorated with a golden skull, black lace corset, black and white lace hose, black leather driver’s gloves and strappy platform shoes, an avant garde black tulle wrap hat with a golden airplane ornament.
Model: Sybarite Inque repaint

A green wool and gold leaf vest over layered burgundy tulle skirt, Alexander McQueen inspired golden sequin over knee armadillo boots with buckled garters, golden wing hair ornament and a blond mohair wig on a chignon.
Model: Sybarite Inque repaint

An asymmetrical punk evening dress of grey, black and red chiffon with tartan and houndstooth prints with thick asymmetrical burgundy tulle petticoat and decorated with silver and gunmetal chains, skull and crosses, a matching hose and McQueen armadillo shoes of black leather, gunmetal sequins and red glass beads, McQueen inspired butterfly hat.
Model: Sybarite Slipper


Alison in CA said...

Alexander McQueen was my favorite designer as well--his untimely death was a tragedy to the fashion world.

Jaw dropping and amazing. You even included the famous lobster claw shoes! I am stunned. Fantastic work--and wonderful photos, as always! Bravo!

em`lia said...

Thank you so much!

McQueen was a huge loss to the world of fashion. He was a true artist no one can replace.

Dolling_Boy said...

Emilia I think this set of pictures adn creations was one of the very best that haute doll had in a very long time..had they done more thigns like this they will probably still be their own magazine...I loved it
..May I ask did you sale all of these outfits? email me privatedly if not..I may be game to buy one!!