Monday, 30 June 2008

The Welcome, Beginning and so Forth.

Welcome to my blog, I should say.

I still have no proper idea of what I will write about here, but one might guess - and quite educatedly - that it will have something to do with dolls.

Dolls have become a passion, obsession and a severe addiction to me but recently. As a child I was far too enthusiastic to scrape my knees than to play with such girly stuff such as dolls. I though climbing and fighting much more proper to a boy of my age, which might be true, if it wasn´t for the fact that I was a girl.

But I do not plan to use this blog to write an autobiography, oh no. It is merely to burden more people with my obsession, and unfortunately and unavoidably with my dyslexia as well. For the latter I apologise.

Nothing much more to be said as an introduction, so better stop here and start with something more substantial.

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