Monday, 30 June 2008

The Attic

According to my original plan I was to build an attic to my doll house. So I removed the original flat roof and replaced it with a half roof supported by the wall in the middle. Then, with Juhana´s help, we sawed window openings to two pieces of plywood and attached them to make a pitched roof.

The library will be the room on the left, featuring a huge rose window on the sealing and another small cathedral window on the wall. As planned it will have a spiral staircase leading to a balcony and there, thru a secret passage in the bookshelf one can pass to the nursery behind.

The nursery will be too low for most of my dolls to stand straight, so the idea is that is was originally the attic converted later into a nursery. At some point I even considered making a folded ladder often used in attics as the only entrance, but then I couldn´t have realised my dream of a secret passageway thru a bookshelf - its such a classic.

The original idea for the window in the nursery sealing was the studio of Sweeney Todd. This would have been wonderful if it wasn´t for the fact that the space was so darn low. You may ask me why did I make it so low, but is wasn´t by choice. There is only one place in our home where this huge thing can be placed and that is on the small bookcase that use to serve as a old diorama set of mine. If the roof would be even a one centimetre higher it would reach the sealing of our own apartment.

So, Juhana came up with the idea of adding a dormer to the attic in order to widen the space that was high enough for the child dolls to stand. I am still not sure do I like the idea. On my opinion the roof looks now more like a staple than a normal house. Besides a dormer window like that is so "Wish upon a star" and Peter Pan instead of Tim Burton feeling I want for the room. Oh well, we´ll see. Maybe I´ll tear the whole thing down in the end...

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