Monday, 30 June 2008

Up Against a Brick Wall

My dream library would have an old brick wall stripped bare with beautiful masonry framing a stained glass window. I considered lots of different type of materials for the brick wall. Clay, foamcore, sand paper, but Juhana suggested using an old note board made of thin cork. After some consideration and material tests I found it quite suitable and got to work.

The first phase was to draw lines throughout the sheet to keep all tiles in equal size. Then using a very hard pencil I forged in the outlines of the tiles into the soft material.

I made the wall in small sections to save material since the wall was dominated by the huge window.

After putting all pieces together I glued them on a piece of paper. Then I mixed acrylic paint in the shade of mortar and painted the cracks with it.

Then I continued with different shades from tile red to black using a very very dry brush. Layer after layer of slow phases paid off, I think. I must apologise that I forgot to take pictures of this phase. Finally, I used a white watercolour pencil to highlight the cracks and a black one to highlight the bricks. The result is quite nice even from up close.

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