Saturday, 31 August 2013

Masai - OOAK

*My access to was blocked for a while so this is a late update.

I apologize that I still have no release date for the limited edition Nnaji dolls Seraph and Cherub. The fashion factory is still working on the outfits and I don't know when they will be ready, but the good news is all the shoes have now arrived. Meanwhile, I have taken the opportunity to catch up on my commission schedule and have just finished a super dark OOAK Inamorata called Masai.  This doll uses the Nnaji sculpt and features a new custom skin tone in deep coffee brown. She was made as a commission work and is not for sale.

Masai has brown eyes with some warm tones of amber, nude lips, short black applied lashes and black brows. Her nail polish is a French manicure in beige tones and her palms and the soles of her feet have been painted with a lighter skin tone.
Her outfit consists of a simple dress made of coarsely woven burgundy raw silk with torn edges, hand painted details in the hemline and seashells stitched on the sleeve; 2 traditional Masai necklaces made of yarn weave, glass beads, seashells, buttons and wooden sticks with fur puffs; a Masai bridal headdress with beads, chains, buttons and metal ornaments; 5 bracelets; modern bead corset; shepherding cane and a gourd flask.
More photos at the flickr set.

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