Saturday, 31 August 2013

Gamut & Anemone - OOAK Inamorata Dolls

*My access to was blocked for a while so this is a late update.

I have been working on more OOAKs while waiting for the limited edition production delays. I'm proud to announce two new beauties: super dark Gamut and soft and pale Anemone.

Anemone is a commission Inamorata doll featuring the Asian Miao sculpt and a new paler custom order skin tone called Almond. She has brown eyes, beige tone nude lips, smoky brown eye-shadow and brows, applied lower and upper lashes, and French manicure nail polish. She comes with a short 2-tone hard cap wig and OOAK black lace lingerie set featured in the Haute Doll February issue.

Gamut is a commission Inamorata doll featuring the African Nnaji sculpt and a custom order dark skin tone Coffee. She has brown eyes, vibrant metallic eye-shadow with gradient effect from yellow through green to blue. The same colours are repeated in her nail polish. Her lips have a ombre effect from burgundy to metallic vermilion and her lashes are black and super long.

Gamut goes to her new home nude and bald, but in the photos she is wearing Sybarite Rock it with Numina belt and surrounded with colourful ZhangYoung shoes. If you are interested in these inexpensive eye-candies look for them on ebay. The ones made for Numina fit Inamorata well and most of the shoes made for Sybarites work too. ZhangYoung should start making shoes especially for Inamorata soon. I am also designing some Inamorata accessory packs for late Autumn.

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