Sunday, 30 June 2013

Seraph and Cherub Teaser - Hairstyles


I have now finished the touch ups of the LE20 Seraph and Cherub dolls. The Cherubs have all received their flock hair and the Seraph hard cap wigs from PattaArt have arrived too. The fiery angel rocks a short cropped haircut with sleek burgundy left side and flaming 3-tone right side. Now all we are still waiting for is the fashions production to finish and then we are ready to go! And as promised here are a couple of sneak peeks to help you pick a your heavenly creature. Sultry or innocent? Either exotic girl is pure attitude.

As a fun detail the hard cap wigs arrived in an egg carton. Brilliant idea on Patta's part and really brought a smile on my face. I'm all for recycling and this is a great way of storing and transporting wigs. 

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: you are very creative. Great idea to keep the wigs in the bowl of eggs. Keep in touch