Friday, 21 June 2013

On My Desk - Cherub Teaser 2

I have had many emails asking about the process that goes into the dolls after I get them from the factory so I thought I'd cut you in all the action. I personally do the quality check on each and every doll, touch up their face up and tighten the stringing. I also dress and pack all the dolls myself to make sure everything fits well. I promise you a series of little sneak peeks from my desk as the dolls get ready to be launched so you will get to share the excitement along the way.

This first pic from my desk is of five new Inamorata Cherubs waiting for their flock hair to dry before I dust of the extra flock. I was asked on Prego if I have considered leaving some Cherubs unflocked so they can more easily wear hard cap wigs and the new owner wouldn't have to scratch off the flock. I am using water soluble glue for the flock so it is easy to wash off if you soak it in water for an half and hour of so, but if you would prefer to buy your Cherub without flock hair just send me an email. If there are enough "bald is beautiful requests" I'll leave a few unflocked for you. Also the slight increase in head size the flock hair provides makes it possible for Cherub to wear Sybarite wigs as Inamoarta heads are a little smaller than Sybs and closer to Deva and AG.

Feel free to email me with any other feedback as well. I thrive to perfect my doll and your views in both what is good and what bugs you are needed! I have already got request for better knee joints (my girls do buckle down under pressure and I am already working on new Inamorata body) and for ear piercings (the new sculpts will have them). Keep it coming! I couldn't do this without you!

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