Thursday, 14 May 2009

Obitsu 1:6 Dog Review - Updated!

This is the new Japanese Obitsu toy dog. It has huge amount of articulation and comes in 3 different colours and 2 different types. I bought the black flat eared one.

The material and joints remind me of Playmobile or Lego. The material is pretty fragile, I broke of one ear when deboxing but the poseability is really pretty good. The only down falls are that the poor thing cannot wiggle its tail sideways and cannot reach enough to lick its own balls. What sort of a dog´s life it that? ;)

The body type of the dog is pretty general so it seems to work nicely with different size 6th scale dolls. Below you can see it posing next to Momoko, Dynamite Girl, Fashion Royalty and FR Homme. It seems size is not an issue for this jolly little thing. Well worth the 25 usd.

I love how it can prance around so joyfully, it makes me easily forget its mechanical looks. However, my plan is to try and sew a stretch fabric around its frame in order to make it look a bit more real. I´ll keep you posted! And lets hope they´ll make a cat soon!

For more information see:


The dog now has skin, but looks a bit weird. I can never get animals face right and the frame is quite bulky around the shoulders, but at least he is more than a skeleton now.



Rose said...

Woooow!!! I have just discovered your blog and all your creations are simply fabulous!
As for this dog, I had been thinking to buy it and do exactly what you did with it, so by googling to get some ideas, I got here :) I like it very much, you've done an amazing job with it, so I think soon I'm gonna try it too. Hope I'll find some proper fabric...

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