Friday, 8 February 2013

Inamorata Inro LE40 released on 15th of February


I'm happy to announce that finally after the long wait (and a couple week delay as I needed to have an accessory reproduced to get the perfect quality) the Inamorata Inro is finally ready to be revealed! I am packing the beauties right now and can reveal you her face as a teaser. Hope you like what you see so far! The whole doll with fashion, boots, purse, wig and all will be unveiled on the 15th of February when she goes on for sale on our online shop at I will give you the exact time of the day on the day before (14th) through the first/to/know list (subscribe at if you haven't yet). I will try to find a time that will work for both American and European time zones.

I have also uploaded more photos of Inamorata prototypes to my flickr and updated the website too. Please check out the Inamorata Dolls, Commissions and FAQ pages! Thank you for your patience and all the exited emails!