Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ride Me - emiliacouture commission

I was commissioned to make a Victorian riding habit and couldn't resist to add a kinky avant garde twist.

The "Ride Me" outfit consists of a pleated red silk skirt with a Victorian silhouette and black lace adorning it's hemline; white netting bodice with ruffled collar; black silk coat with golden embroidery; black leatherette corset; accessorised with a pair of black leatherette boots, a riding crop; mini saddle ornament and a mini tophat with embellished with feathers, netting and a tiny scull ornament.

The outfit is tailored on and modelled by FR2 Elyse.



Dlsarmywife said...

WILD! I LOVE it!!!!

Dolling Boy said...

Em'lia ..I absolutly adore this outfit this is AMAZING!!
I'd love to have ajacket like this one for the Sybs!! LOL

Vanessa said...

That is strikingly beautiful!