Sunday, 8 May 2011

Comet Moth - the 4th doll in the Insectopia collection

I find butterfly collections fascinating and extremely sad at once. The butterflies themselves being extraordinary beautiful, but having them pinned down and killed for their beauty, impaled and poisoned, is simply horrid. But, for my fashion design, that horrid edge and feeling of fleeting mortality is often exactly what I want to portray as what else is fashion than a passing phenomena.
Thus, I'm proud to present the 4th dressed OOAK doll in the Insectopia collection: the Comet Moth.

The doll is a Nu.Face Illusionist Nadja repainted and body blushed. I removed all her hair except the braids across her scalp and sewed an elaborate updo of new Katsilk braids. Comet Moth wears a lime green silk dress embroidered with sequins and netting, over a breast revealing maize yellow silk bodice adorned with sequins and hand dyed vintage fur (from my grandma's clothes), a vintage fur collar, matching stockings and armadillo netting boots, and a green gem ring.

*The doll is reserved.


Dani said...

So beautiful. I love the concept and how you translated that the doll and her fashion.

affandydesign said...

nice.. please view my blog