Sunday, 12 September 2010

Honour - The first doll in the "Until Death Do Us Part" series

 “Honour”, the first doll in the “Until Death Do Us Part” collection, addresses the delicate issues of arrange marriage, domestic violence and the old samurai code of honour. These are not the safe horrors of Halloween, but something much more serious. Domestic violence is a tragedy that touches many lives, but it is a taboo – just like suicide. However, things will not change through silence and secrecy, so I want to use this art form to bring the matter forth.

An arranged marriage to an older man with wealth and power. From a poor family, all she could offer was her youth, beauty and virginity - which was exactly what he was after. On the wedding night she resisted, revolted by his touch, and he forced himself upon her. Imprisoned to a lifetime of misery she makes the choice to save her family honour.

Tonner’s Alabaster Antoinette (17” vinyl doll), her face resculpted and painted, her body blushed and fitted with double jointed knees. She has bruises left by violent hands on inner thighs and a black mohair hair in a Japanese updo embellished with beads and vintage jewellery pieces. She wears a modern kimono inspired OOAK ensemble made of pale green vintage kimono silk, beige chiffon rouching and luxuriously thick black lace. The outfit has been partially hand-stitched and is fully lined. She holds a Japanese tanto dagger and wears a pair of hand painted red lacquer shoes with golden detailing and red cords around the ankles. 

“Honour” will be sold by silent auction. The auction period is 12th-19th of September and the bidding starts from 300usd. Layaway option is available. If you wish to use layaway include your payment plan to your bid. Send you bid to before midnight on 19th. Thank you for your interest!

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ann said...

She is so exquisite... bet very sad too!

em`lia said...

Thank you!