Sunday, 22 August 2010

Irezumi - Yakuza Tattoo

I did a yakuza tattooed FR Homme doll a couple of years ago and found the world of these notorious Japanese tattoos fascinating. Today, I got an inspiration for a new yakuza tattoo and had an extra FR Homme body around to use as canvas. I bought a Hot Toys Goemon Saizo head to complete the doll. I think this tattoo came out better than the first one as I researched lots of ukiyo-e and yakuza symbolics in order to create it. 

My first yakuza tattoo doll

The new yakuza body tattoo from front and rear
 Shoulder details, an octopus and a snake
 Carp details on his thighs and side
On the left is the first yakuza tattoo I made. A dragon as the character is a leader of his clan and dragon symbolises power. On the right is the new yakuza tattoo. A tiger for fearlessness as the character is an assassin for his clan. I think the new one is technically better too. I'm pondering whether or not to repaint the old one as the dragon looks rather silly really.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hey Emilia: great work it looks very cool

em`lia said...

Cheers! :D