Saturday, 3 July 2010

Until Death Do Us Part

This is what I'm currently working on 
- a horror doll series Until Death Do Us Part. 
The collection consists of four dressed Alabaster Antoinettes 
who have been heavily resculpted, then painted and 
mohair wigged. These are not the final pieces yet as 
their hair still requires some styling and 
I haven't even started working on the fashions. 
The four fashions will be a bridal collection, 
but I can't reveal more at the moment 
as I haven't really designed it yet 
as the concept is mainly based on the dolls 
and this time fashion will have to come second!


Anonymous said...

wow!! They are fab, but also a bit frightening... My favorite is the one with the black tears!

Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting. Can't wait to see more!

em`lia said...

Thanks guys!

The project is a bit on hold as I'm having one of those "no inspiration for sewing" periods, but I'll keep you posted when something new comes up. ;)

Koroleva Irina said...

In love the third girl!

em`lia said...