Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Featured article in the CDDC post

The CDDC blogmeister just wrote an article featuring me as the winner of the challenge #3. I was blushing so hard with all the praise as I was reading it I was sure I'd just compulsively combust! I'm really honoured and flattered and everything, but for the first time in my life I feel like a proper Finn and Finns mainly get embarrassed if complimented. I know it must sound pretty ridiculous, but it's a culture thing. For us small talk means complaining about the little things in life just as the British talk about weather. Praise is easy to take in Asian cultures: in Japan you simply deny it and apologise; in China you say "nalinali" which literally translates as "Where? Where?". Maybe that's why I've always felt at home in Asia. If you compliment a Finn about their outfit, they are taught from childhood that the proper reaction is to say "Thanks. Oh, this old thing? I've had it for years! Its so dirty and all..." and so forth. We find the benauty in modesty. So in short, I really don't know what to say, but thank you. Thank you so much. *blush*

I bet I'm going to bore and disappoint everyone with my next entry, as I did have my own doubts about it and finished it in a rush hoping to work on my thesis. Well, it was good that I finished early this time around as otherwise I wouldn't have finished at all with Neru's severe illness. But for what its worth the horrible ordeal with my baby cat seems to be taking a positive turn - I hope it lasts. And the thesis will have to wait.


Terri Gold said...

Saying thank you is an interesting topic.
As I got older I learned that I often had to force myself to accept a compliment without disagreeing. I, too, learned to deny anything good said towards me. In reality it's like telling someone that they don't know what they're talking about. That's not very polite.
Your winning entry was amazing.

em`lia said...

LOL. Thanks Terri. I suppose your right. And it does feel good when you get recognition, but its difficult to get rid of one's upbringing as all Finnish children are told you are suppose to be modest and that "pride stinks". ;)