Monday, 14 September 2009

The Couture Doll Design Challenge

 I'm very exited to tell you that I will be a contestant in The Couture Doll Design Challenge aka CDDC featuring many prominent doll fashion designers all around the world. The contest will include 8 challenges and the designers have 2 weeks to complete each task. The first task was given on 6th of September and will end on 24th. I will keep diary throughout the competition, but since we have to submit out designs anonymously I will publish my diary and designs only after the panel of judges has finished its evaluation. If anyone has watched the Project Runway you are already familiar with the concept. 

You also a have an opportunity to give your vote to the design you find most smashing so follow the links below and join the crowd!

The Couture Doll Design Challenge official site

The Couture Doll Design Challenge blog

My Designer Page 


Dani said...

How exciting for you! Best of luck!

I just found your blog and flickr and you are friggin' awesome! So many diorama sites selfishly guard all the how-to info.

You've given me the confidence that I can build sets like the ones I've just looked at in envy!

My poor husband. We're going to have to move so I can have my barbie room. I'm not even kidding.

Knock those judges' socks off!


CoolDude said...

Nice one there! Thanks, keep rocking!

em`lia said...

Thanks Dani and CoolDude!

Dani: I'm so happy to hear I've given you confidence and that my site is helpful. I think there are far too many people who rather buy and settle for less instead of realizing their dreams by their own hand. Go for it! :)