Monday, 17 August 2009

Eyewear Tutorial - Important note added!

Here is how to make eyeglasses for your dolls at home. Easy, cheap, perfect fit and any design you want.

First, cut strips of old doll box plastic for material. I draw took some measurements of my dolls head and drew lines to help me get the strips perfect sized.
Hold the strip over the doll for sketching and design.
Draw the design on the strip. Make the part over the nose a bit bigger since it will shorten when we bend it in the end.
Measure the length temples so that the frames will rest well on the node and ears.

Now you have the simple sketch of the frame.
Now to paint the frames. You can use rather thick undiluted paint to give the rim thickness and texture.

Pick a colour for the rims, more detail the better. Here I've made the basic layer in simple all black.

Now take a pair of sharp scissors and cut out the frames but leave the lenses.
I added metal paint to the temples and I'm testing if the size is ok. You can still cut the glasses smaller if necessary. I also painted the sides to give them more bulk.
Now for the final touch: bending them into shape.

First bend the nose rim. I used a toothpick to give it roundness instead of a tight fold.

Then, bend the temples against a sharp angle and squeeze then flat against the lenses. The average plastic from a doll box can take about 30 foldings before breaking so don't worry.

Finally curve the part that go behind eye slightly for more natural look and tighter wear.

Finishing the frames from every side with a layer or two of gloss varnish
gives them a more realistic look and makes them more sturdy.
It also prevents the paint from flaking when you are playing with them.
Especially varnish the parts that touch the dolls face to avoid staining
or discolourations (just in case the brand of acrylics you use might cause this).

DO NOT colour the eyeglasses with a magic marker
as that is very likely to stain and ruin your dolls!

And finally, you have a pair of perfectly scaled eyewear for your dolls!
Browse internet for great ideas and details and indulge the new fashion accessory! :)
Here are some I've made:


D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing. These glasses look better than some of the lens-less ones I have seen. Love the variety of styles you show here.


Terri Gold said...

This is a great idea!

Specs said...

Wow, your work is really good.

Cliff said...

YOu have created some very cool eyeglasses, which could give dolls more characters and attitude! Thank you very muhc!!!


Sabine Seitz said...

What ingenious eyeglasses. I also will try this for my FRs.

FinindianOriginals said...

WOW!! Thanks for sharing! I'm certainly going to give this a try when I get back home. So, just out of that your birth name, or have you married a 'Finlander'? (that is my heritage on my mother's side of the family.....)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous idea and a great way to recycle too!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

How would you reccomend tinting these?

君子之风 said...

Cool Eyewear Design for lovely dolls! Great, and thank you for sharing!

WhiteRacoon said...

I found your blog when I was looking for the doll eyeglasses ideas. Very clear and detailed tutorial! So I'm here to say thank you for sharing, indeed! Great post!